How to Use Turkey Hill Nation

Creating a Turkey Hill Nation account.

Ready to join the Nation? Then visit, and get started.

  1. Simply enter your name and email address, and then click "Get Started."
  2. On the following screen, create your Password, Address, and Date of Birth (you must be at least age 13 to participate), and click Next.
  3. Then, choose a Profile Image, or upload your own, and click Next.
  4. Check the Inbox of the email address you registered with for a message from us. Click the link in that email to verify your email address.

Once your account has been created and verified, you may log in on and start exploring and interacting with us (the folks at Turkey Hill) or the other members of Turkey Hill Nation.

Changing your profile image.

Visit the About Me page, and then click "My Image" (on a Mobile Device, you will need to click the down arrow beside About Me so you can see the choice of "My Image”). Then choose any of the images we offer, or follow the instructions to upload your own image. Click "Save" when you are ready.

Updating your member information.

Let’s say you get married and want to change your last name or change what email address you want to use. Just go to the About Me page, and then choose Edit (on a mobile device, you will need to click the down arrow beside About Me so you can see the choice of "Edit”). Make sure to click Update when you are done.

Changing your password.

Visit the About Me page, and then click Change Password (on a mobile device, you will need to click the down arrow beside About Me so you can see the choice of "Change Password"). Then enter your new password, and type it again to make sure it is correct. Click "Change Password" to update it.

Saving recipes.

Save RecipeSimply explore our recipes, and click the heart on any recipe’s image. The heart will turn red once you save it. These recipes will appear on your Saved Recipes page.

Posting your thoughts to the Nation.

Join in on the conversation by posting an idea (and even an image) to the rest of Turkey Hill Nation. Or just read what everyone is saying. Start by going to the Post From The Nation page, and use the "Start a Discussion" form at the top of the page, and click "Post."

Earning rewards.

As a member of Turkey Hill Nation, you could earn some free things … free ice cream or iced tea or another gift. From time to time, our team at Turkey Hill Dairy reviews what our Turkey Hill Nation members are doing on the website. If we read something you posted or commented that interests us and the members, we may just send you a reward notification. Or, noticed that you helped spread the word and referred a bunch of new members. Yep, we might just send you a reward notification, which you can review on the Rewards page.

Refer a friend.

Know some friends who love Turkey Hill almost as much as you do? Then send them an email from Turkey Hill Nation inviting them to join. If they click the link in the email that we send your friends and complete the registration to become a member, we might just thank you. To send a referral, go to the Refer A Friend page.